To enable a robust, diverse and sustainable automotive and mobility ecosystem in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We are: 

As a fully owned by the Public Investment Fund (PIF) company, we boast a solid financial foundation, empowering strategic growth capital investment in enterprises across the mobility spectrum. As active partners and shareholders, we prioritize long-term financial returns, as well as knowledge and technology transfer, propelling new physical assets to the Kingdom and fostering promising employment prospects.

We are a diverse team of local and global talent, specializing in two fields – investment and the automotive and mobility sector – but our expertise extends beyond investment facilitation; we navigate the intricacies of government regulations and procedures, offering seamless national market entry to new international players and foreign direct investors.

By collaborating with TASARU, international investors gain access to a low-risk pathway that unlocks the vast potential and lucrative opportunities of the Kingdom’s rapidly growing industry.

At TASARU, we take pride in sustainably supporting Saudi Arabia's automotive, mobility sector, and next-gen industry sectors. Our team is committed to driving the development of innovative mobility solutions, exploring next-generation technologies, and expanding the sector to meet the unique needs of the country.